35 Best Food Photography Tips to Take Amazing Food Pictures

Taking amazing food pictures is an art but it’s not difficult to do. Today, I am sharing some creative, unique and best food photography tips that will help to take professional photos for your food blog or business.

A great food photographer can easily convert a trivial picture into an exclusive frame. If you are a beginner and recently started a food-related business then food photography must be a prime challenge for you especially when you are under budget and can’t hire a professional photographer.

Best Idea to Learn with Best Practices…

In this post, I am trying to share my best practices and experiences and food photography tips that will help you to take a picture like a pro. I learned with the experience and by exploring and researching some photography tips by famous photographers who have the great portfolio of food photography.

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Amazing Food Pictures on Social Media

If you are a true social media enthusiast then you must know how the people on Facebook, Instagram, Snapshot and especially on Pinterest sharing mouthwatering and amazing food pictures that encourage their visitors to follow them. Most of the food pictures are looking properly done by using connecting lights, angle, and background. Some big companies are making big revenue just be sharing some conceptual pictures based on their business and product demand. Tasty, Buzzfeed and Tastemade are the great examples to consider.

food photography tips

If you are food blogger then it’s recommended to learn about food photography tips to stand out in your field.

So let’s delve into it.

How Food Photography Tips can Help to Take Amazing Pictures

1) Visualize the Concept:

Think like a creative professional before taking pictures. Make your mind like how the picture should be displayed then move to make a proper setting and adjustment to capture the picture.

2) Stylize your food

Be a food Stylist before taking pictures. Food stylist normally pays attention to this area so if you are beginner then try to stylize your food to make it amazing in a first glance.

3) Create an Engaging Surroundings

Focus on platter background and surface. It will create a big influence on the final result. Make a theme of background relate to your source product and take a shot.

4) Define the Frame

Set proper area or frame of food that you want to cover in the photo. Yes, it’s very important to consider the frame like what area need to cover and avoid. Technical Framing is the main technique of photography that new photographer learn with time. If you know about the calculated frame of your shot then you can create an amazing picture so the best idea is to learn about framing in detail.

5) Get Help with Proper Lighting

Adjust the lighting before taking pictures. A normal picture can be great if you properly set the light arrangement. When we talk about lighting it doesn’t mean to place artificial lights to create an ambiance. You can also take big advantage with the natural light of the sun.

6) Define Lens

Before using camera make a lens in your mind to capture the picture. It will help to take great photograph event with the normal camera.

7) Invest in DSLR

Use DSLR to take amazing food pictures. Don’t worry if you don’t have. You can also use a normal camera or your phone camera to take pictures but if you are working professionally then the best idea is to invest in DSLR technology which will add more professionalism and help to get great photos to attract potential traffic/customer/viewers.

8) Now adjust the camera settings.

9) Configure proper lighting using the camera.

10) Adjust the level of zoom.

11) Make sure to include some negative spaces.

12) Strongly pay attention to picture shadows.

13) Make proper adjustment of camera focus to take sharp images.

14) Avoid noisy or pixelated shots.

15) Make sure your camera lens is absolutely cleaned. It will help to take non-blurred and sharp images.

16) It’s best to fix the camera on a tripod to avoid frame shaking.

17) Properly adjust the camera angle.

18) Take different shots from different angles.

19) Try shots from angular heights.

20) Manage the shutter speed.

21) Adjust the Aperture: If you decrease the aperture it will increase the depth of field means the focus area will include the near and far objects.

22) Check out the proper image resolution to captured shot.

23) First shot the picture without flash if you are using the different medium of lights.

24) If the capturing place or background is naturally dark then take the picture with flash.

25) Manage the shot based on your source. Like; taking a picture for Pinterest then it needs to properly capture in a vertical angle.

26) Check the size of the frame after capturing the picture to place on your desired medium.

TouchUps using Photo Editing

27) Take the Picture to Photo Editing Software.

28) Apply color adjustment or filter if it’s required.

29) Don’t stretch the image.

30) Proportionally scale down the picture if you are resizing to place on a blog or other medium.

31) Manage the picture to crop the image.

32) For print, keep the resolution to 300 PPI.

33) For print images, keep the color mode to CMYK.

34) If you want the image to get ready for the screen or web then change the resolution to 72 PPI.

35) For screen images, keep the color mode in RGB.

Final Words:

I wanted to share food photography tips that work for you as a checklist so if you are a new food blogger and having a hard time to capture some amazing pictures then might be these tips can help you out to manage the lens professionally. I also learned with time and still learning as it’s a great science and always need improvement event after taking the good shot. Photography can be learned from the universe as God has created the beautiful world and we have to map connection between the objects in an innovative and creative way.

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