20 Ramadan Recipes For Iftar | Quick Iftar Recipes 2019 | Ramzan Special

Ramadan Recipes For Iftar | Quick Iftar Recipes 2019 – As the Ramadan is just here and we are all excited to celebrate this festive time with special Ramadan recipes for Iftar. All these are quick iftar recipes in 2019 that you can easily prepare at home with minimal spices.

Ramadan is the blessed time for every Muslim to spend most of the time in prayers. To keep in mind, I am sharing quick and easy recipes that will help you to prepare delicious food in a short time.

All my iftar recipes are recommended for people living in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh who are familiar with local taste. As the Ramadan (Ramzan – Ramadhan) is the month of spiritual purity so these recipes will help you to stay healthy and feel light during the fasting time.

Normally people complain that oily food in iftar make them heavy and disturb digestive system. So follow the deep frying techniques to prepare fried that absorb less oil and remain crispy and crunchy for a long time.

Before starting the recipes, here are some Ramadan Healthy Tips for Iftar and Suhoor (Sehri).

So let’s delve into Ramadan recipes for Iftar 2019!

1) Dates Milkshake

dates milkshake recipe - Khajoor milkAccording to this beautiful Hadith, narrated Salman ibn Amir: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: When one of you is fasting, he should break his fast with dates; but if he cannot get any, then (he should break his fast) with water, for water is purifying. (Sunan Abu Dawood – Book 13 Hadith 2348) 

Dates milkshake is recommended for you to boost your instant energy level. Here is 5 minutes recipe of dates milkshake that will keep you energetic…

Dates Milkshake Recipe for Iftar
Watch Video to Quickly follow the steps


2) 3 Special Pakora Recipe (Best Iftar Recipe)

Pakora recipe - Besan pakora recipe

Pakora recipes are the lifeblood of every iftar :-). People belong to Pakistan and India love to have Pakora in iftar. Actually, iftar remains incomplete without the presence of iftar just because of its unique taste.

Here I am sharing mouthwatering onion and potato pakora recipe in 3 ways. Very simple and easy to make in your home kitchen. So give it a try!!

3 Ways to Make Pakora for Iftar

3) Aloo Ke Kabab (Potato Kabab)

aloo kabab recipe - potato kebabs recipe

Last time I shared Aloo ki Tikki and this time I prefer to make Aloo ke Kabab. A perfect and healthy recipe for foodies to try in iftar. It’s crispy and made with kabab flavor so you will love it to give a try with Mint chutney or might be with a ketchup based on your flavor.

Aloo Kabab Recipe for Iftar


4) Rajma Salad (Healthy Red Kidney Beans Salad)

healthy salad recipes for weight loss

Healthy rajma Salad is the best iftar recipe idea to have as its full of protein and vitamins. Normally people make channa chaat or different style of other chaat recipes in Ramadan but to have rajma or “laal lobia” in salad style will keep you lighter and make you ready to stand for prayers. Also helpful to manage weight loss during fasting.

Healthy Salad/Chaat for Iftar

5) Best Egg Snack for Iftar

egg fingers - crispy egg finger recipe

If you like egg pakora recipe then you need to give a try to this egg fingers recipe in your iftar and you will love the taste. Its a super crispy and crunchy egg fingers that will add value to your iftar table.

Unique snack idea to try in iftar. Simple and easy to make using minimal spices. You can also make some variation and try the same recipe with gram flour and then it will be amazing egg pakora in fingerstyle.

Recipe of Egg snack for iftar

6) Creamy Fruit Salad

creamy fruit salad recipeIf you are used to of having fruit chaat in iftar then you must love this creamy fruit salad. As the Ramadan is coming in summers so you will like this refreshing fruit salad. 5 minutes recipe to prepare. Healthy and full of vitamins. Most recommended for iftar. If you don’t want to use cream then switch cream with fresh yogurt.

Creamy Fruit Salad Recipe

7) Chicken Potato Snacks Recipe

tea time snacks recipe - Bread rolls recipeIt’s a form of bread rolls but with breadcrumbs. I used chicken, potato, and cheese to make this tempting iftar snack that will add value to your iftar table. Crispy and crunchy in texture and loaded with cheesy taste from inside. Check out the recipe to make in your kitchen.

Bread Rolls Recipe

8) Chicken Cutlet

Chicken cutlet recipeHere you find chicken cutlet in a different style. Unique recipe but packed with taste. Try this recipe in your home kitchen and make crispy cutlets with chicken mince. Loaded with flavor and taste.

Chicken Cutlet Recipe

9) Moong Daal Kachori

moong dal ki kachori - khasta kachoriIf are an admirer of khasta kachori then this moong daal kachori is for you. Extremely delicious and super easy to make. Best option for iftar snack. I usually make kachori in different style but love the unique taste of moong daal. Try this and you will surely love it.

Moong daal Khasta Kachori

10) Hash Browns

hash browns recipe - how to make hash brownsI am one of the lovers of hash browns from Mcdonald breakfast so give it a try in my kitchen to make similar hash browns which are absolutely scrumptious and super tasty. You can try it in Ramadan iftar or might be in suhoor.

Hash Browns Recipe

11) Chicken Cheese Sandwich

chicken cheese sandwich RecipeIf you are running out of time and have 5 minutes then try this recipe. Super delicious chicken cheese sandwich. You will love to have it again and again. I bet it :-).

Try Chicken Cheese Sandwich 

12) Lollipop Chicken Recipe

chicken lollipop recipeLollipop chicken is good for kids as they will finish it in no time. Best recipe for iftar! tempting due to it’s lustrous texture. Try this and you will like it!!

Chicken Lollipop Recipe

13) Chicken Popcorn Recipe

popcorn chicken recipeAmazing chicken popcorn. Super easy to make. In fast food recipes, ‘popcorn chicken’ is the most popular snack that people love to eat. Famous fast food chains make it in a different style but crispy, fried popcorn chicken recipe is the ideal for all age group. It’s the best snack recipe that you can easily make in your kitchen.

Chicken Popcorn Recipe

14) Chicken Drumsticks (Afghani Dry Chicken)

chicken afghani recipe in hindiSharing one of the best afghani chicken drumsticks recipe that compels you to try again and again. If you are in love with Afghani cuisine then this recipe will add value to your table. You can serve it as iftar snack!

Recipe of Chicken Afghani

15) White Sauce Pasta Recipe

pasta in white sauceChicken ‘pasta in white sauce’ is the most demanding recipe that people love to in fast food chains but it’s not difficult to make at home without an oven. Today, I am making this special pasta recipe in local Indian and Pakistani style that you will love to have with your family in this Ramadan.

Chicken White Sauce Pasta Recipe

16) Khasta Kachori Recipe

aloo kachori recipeFamous iftar recipe of India and Pakistan, in fact, people use to have it in a different part of central Asia. Kachori has unique fried taste stuffed with a variety of option like potatoes, moong dal, keema, chicken, and vegetables. In every form, the taste of kachori gives your mouthwatering crave.

Khasta Aloo Kachori 

17) Caramel Custard Pudding

caramel custard pudding recipeEasy and tasty dessert recipe for iftar table. Super easy to make in your home kitchen. Caramel custard pudding is one of the best custard recipes that people love to eat across the world. Try it in this Ramadan!

Caramel Custard Recipe

18) Quick Tawa Pizza (without Yeast)

How to Make Pizza on TawaTawa Pizza is an amazing recipe that you can quickly prepare pizza without oven. You can make it without yeast so if you are health conscious and looking for an option to have pizza then try this recipe. Same in taste like oven baked pizza. Simple and easy recipe to try in your iftar.

Tawa Pizza Recipe Video

19) Fried Chicken Recipe

al baik fried chicken recipeAnother recipe is the fried chicken that’s all time favorite. Best fast food for iftar that you may have and serve to your family. Here I am sharing the famous Saudi Arabian Albaik chicken recipe that people love to have.

Fried Chicken Recipe

20) Dahi Baray

dahi baray recipeDahi Baray is one of the most popular Indian Pakistani dish that people love to eat any time of the day sepcially in iftar. Try this mouthwatering ‘dahi baray recipe’. It’s a form of fried dumplings dipped in yogurt sauce and topped with masala and chutney.

Dahi Baray Recipe


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